5 free antivirus for mobile that can save you

On this smartphone platform, access to information, running processes and also some areas of the system, such as Windows, are much more limited.

This means that even being able to monitor what happens on the device and the applications it has, a free antivirus for cell phones will not have the same deep functioning as a conventional antivirus for Windows.

But, anyway, having a free antivirus is still essential for you to protect yourself from digital threats and your smartphone to be less vulnerable to cybercriminals who take advantage of loopholes to infect devices with malware.

Overall, the free antivirus for mobile can detect unusual behavior of a malicious application, block them for security, and even warn the user before greater damage can happen.

A good example are phishing scams (virtual threats or cyber crimes, in which people with bad intentions take advantage of others on the internet), identified by an antivirus that monitors all digital navigation on the smartphone, alerting the user when false pages appear.

It is worth mentioning that a free mobile antivirus is also very important in corporate devices, as they have work demands and company data.

How does antivirus work?

The free antivirus for cell phones has a database with all the viruses already detected and studied. In this way, it reads and analyzes whether something on your device is a virus or not.

Imagine that you have accessed a website that has a very suspicious appearance. The free mobile antivirus system will understand whether the page has a known virus or not. Unfortunately, there is a danger that the virus will go unnoticed if it is new and not in the database.

Why have an antivirus?

Usually, hackers access computers to get information, but nowadays, everything is connected and the cell phone has also become a main source of data.

Banking, delivery, shopping or transport applications contain both personal information and financial data, which makes it dangerous to leave your device without protection.

If you are a person who:

● Access links without knowing if they are reliable or not;

● Saves important information on your device;

● Download several applications without knowing their origin;

● Frequently uses unknown Wi-Fi networks;

● Install apps outside the Play Store or Google Play;

● Uses illegal applications that bypass the operating system;

● Access sites that may be inappropriate, such as those with adult content;

● Uses all features available on your mobile phone.

It’s good to be aware! If you do all of these things on the list, or at least some of them, that’s a reason to install a free antivirus for your cell phone to guarantee your security and prevent yourself from falling into digital traps.

Also look out for some signs that may indicate your device has a virus:

● Increased data usage;

● Device constantly crashing;

● Pop-ups start appearing very frequently;

● Unknown apps (they are disguised as fake apps);

● Increase in cell phone bill;

● Device overheating;

● Increased battery consumption;

● Actions you don’t recognize (suspicious messages you don’t remember sending, for example);

● Constant requests for updates.

5 free antiviruses to save you

There could be no lack of tips on which free antivirus for mobile to download, right? To get good security on your smartphone, it is important to have a quality system. Check out our list of some of the best free antivirus apps for mobile phones:

1. Kaspersky Mobile Antivirus

In summary, the app offers two features: the first is the automatic verification of applications and files, in addition to blocking suspicious websites and dangerous links. The second is that it allows you to activate an alarm on the device remotely, in case it is stolen, and you can even block it and locate it on the map. Also, it can take a picture of the person using the cell phone.

2. ESET Mobile Security & Antivirus

This antivirus stands out among others because, after installing it on your cell phone, you automatically get 30 free days to try out the premium (paid) features.

The free version offers the following services: real-time scanning, security report, activity log, remote jammer and siren (alarm) and tablet support.

3. Avast Antivirus Android

This alternative protects against malware that displays unwanted pop-ups and ads. In addition, the app issues an alert if you install spyware and adware-type applications (which may contain viruses), protects against phishing attacks via email, phone calls, infected websites and SMS messages.

Included in the antivirus, there are still other tools, such as: call blocker, cell phone tracking, photo vault, energy saving, app Locker, review of privacy permissions, cleaning of unwanted files, Wi-Fi scanner and also speed test.

4. AVG Free Antivirus for Android

The app protects against the newest viruses, malware, spyware, settings and apps marked as dangerous, and unwanted calls. Other functions offered are: app blocker with password, cell phone or tablet tracking with Google Maps, cell phone blocker remotely and low volume alarm in case of loss or theft.

This application also shows who is trying to unlock your cell phone three times, taking a secret photo, which is sent directly to your email with the time and place of what happened.

5. Malwarebytes Antivirus & Anti-Malware

This security app automatically blocks malware, ransomware with deep and even aggressive detection of adware and programs that are normally unwanted.

The antivirus also does a privacy audit and tells you which apps are keeping an eye on your digital movements. The system even includes the identification of apps that are not being used, that is, that are useless, to free your device from “bloatware” garbage (useless application that only takes up internal storage space, consumes processing and RAM).

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