Cell phone protection in water: discover the best options

Surely you’ve been through one of those complicated situations where your cell phone was hit by water or fell into a place or container with water. Therefore, it is important to always be prepared and know the types of cell phone protection in the water .

No one likes to go through this, since today the cell phone has become one of our main tools, from storing memories to working. In addition, investing in a new device can often generate a high and unnecessary expense.

For those of you who enjoy going to the beach and going to the pools, there are several options for cell phone covers and protections available on the market, which will help your device stay dry and safe. Read on to find out which type of cell phone protection really works and how to use it!

How to protect your cell phone from water?

Beach day with friends and you’re afraid of getting your cell phone wet, but you don’t want to miss out? Don’t worry! There are numerous ways to protect your cell phone from water. It is enough to know the type of cell phone protection that is most efficient.

First, it’s important to know which category your smartphone falls into. There is a big doubt that always arises among people: is a cell phone waterproof or water resistant? It is a fact that most cell phones sold in Pak do not fit into any of these categories. Anyway, this definition will help you choose the ideal cell phone protection for your device type.

There are cell phones that are water resistant, that is, devices that have the certification provided by the manufacturer (IP66) that it is possible to wet the cell phone with splashes and not abundant amounts of water, but you cannot leave the device submerged.

In short, your device, which is water resistant, can withstand a few splashes of rapid rain, but it cannot withstand falling into a pool, for example. In that case, using cell phone protection is essential.

On the other hand, we have models that have IP67 or IP68 certification, that is, these smartphones are truly waterproof. However, beware, this does not mean that he is indestructible against water.

Overall, the certification shows that the device can be submerged for a limited time: normally 30 minutes, and at a depth of up to 1 meter. Therefore, before entering the water, make sure that you are using cell phone protection and that your cell phone’s instruction manual exactly indicates its limits.

If you’ve checked and seen that your cell phone is really waterproof and you’ve made sure how long and how deep it can withstand water, yes, you can take it into the water. Remember: sea water is even more harmful for your device than pool or river water because of the large amount of salt it has, which harms the device.

The general recommendation, however, is not to abuse this feature of the most advanced devices and always go with extra cell phone protection, increasing the safety of your cell phone near water.

Now, finally, how to protect your cell phone? The answer is simple: minimize the risks of something going wrong. Avoid using your smartphone in risky areas, very close to water or where the water could hit it.

There is a method that is fever on the internet. These are the famous protective covers, which allow you to enter the water with your device without getting it wet. This can be a good option for cell phone protection, because the cover is a kind of well-sealed bag, which prevents water from entering and making contact with your cell phone.

Always close the cover very well before diving. It turns out that many people end up not paying attention to this detail and leave small gaps in the main clasp, so the cell phone ends up getting wet. Next, check if covers and bags really work as cell phone protection and the best options for you to protect your device.

Do caps and sachets work?

Extra cell phone protection is always essential to really prevent damage to your device. Another doubt that arises among people is whether cases and bags really provide adequate protection for our cell phones.

Currently, in Pak, it is very easy to find these types of cell phone protection. There are several models of covers and bags in malls, online stores or even street vendors. The price can vary from R$ 10 to the most sophisticated and professional ones, which can exceed R$ 200.

So, finally the answer to our question: yes, the cases or bags really work. Even the simplest ones can protect your cell phone when it is submerged. However, attention! Like any product that is marketed on a large scale, there are brands that may not guarantee that much quality for this type of cell phone protection.

Always try to test the covers or bags before actually putting them to the test. And even if everything went well with your test, don’t forget to remember what the suggested depth limit is, which usually averages 1.5 meters.

In addition to all this, be aware of the time of use of this type of cell phone protection. As time goes by and the more you use the cover, it wears out, so it can deform or lose quality. Any irregularity you notice, don’t take chances and try to buy another cover.

An interesting feature of this cell phone protection is that, even protected, it is still possible to use the touch screen of the cell phone, even under water! Thus, you can take pictures with your device submerged and safely.

Some models may have a protective plastic that slightly interferes with the quality of the photo, but this is just an observation. As we already mentioned, salty sea water is even more dangerous for your cell phone, however, also be careful with sand. Therefore, use the protective cover even outside the water.

See the best options for you to protect your cell phone

Knowing better about the types of cell phone protection, how they work and if they are really safe, it is ideal to know the best options available on the market for you to protect your cell phone. Check out:

1. Universal Waterproof Cover

This is the most affordable model for cell phone protection. This cover promises to be 100% waterproof, uses PVC material and is compatible with any smartphone model of 5.5 inches or smaller.

2. Dartbag waterproof cover

The Dartbag case is your choice for quality at an affordable price. It has a pouch format and allows you to take underwater photos and use the touchscreen. All this with complete sealing. It is usually compatible with Samsung, iPhone, Sony and others.

3. Space Bag waterproof cover

This model is simple, made of flexible, transparent PVC and allows the touch of the cell phone screen. It is completely fenced and has a safety lanyard.

4. Samsung waterproof case

With a seal that also allows you to use smartphone functions, the model is compatible with Samsung cell phones. Made of rigid transparent material, the cover offers resistance of up to 6 meters in depth, in addition to protecting the cell phone from impacts.

5. Sealbox protective cover

The model of this cell phone protection is compatible with smarts from LG, Samsung, Sony, among others. This cover, in addition to water protection, is also impact and scratch resistant. The value may vary depending on the model and size of the cell phone.

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