Problems with files incorrectly moved to the server, the missing theme folder, or even a developer forgetting where he placed a certain media file.

To solve these and other challenges, it is important to bet on a good FTP client. Do you want to understand more what it is, what it is for and how it works? Keep following below!

What is FTP (File Transfer Protocol)?

An FTP is a network protocol that facilitates the transmission of data between machines with TCP/IP ( Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol ) connections.

In practice, it allows you to connect your local files to a computer with a virtual server .

Imagine that your company is creating a WordPress page. Here, programmers could build the site on a desktop and move all of its files to the server, launching the page for public access.

In this process, it is possible to organize the files, edit in a private environment, in addition to checking if there is something malfunctioning.

How it works

In an FTP protocol, file transfer takes place through two elements: the client and the server.

The client is the computer that requests the connection to access the information already hosted on the web. The server is another machine that works as an online environment, receiving requests from the client to transfer the files hosted on it.

A computer that works as a client is able to access all files hosted on the Internet, through a program that connects to another computer, which acts as a server.

It is the client that also performs the transfer of information from the desktop to the server.

On the other hand, a machine that acts as a server has programs that allow the connection of other computers to it. This means that it grants the client permission to access the files stored on it.

Still need more details? See how this operation works in practice:

  • you start an FTP program on a computer that acts as a client;
  • you inform the user and the access password in the FTP program;
  • the server receives the request, validates the data and redirects access to the location where the files are;
  • at that point, the data exchange has already taken place; files from your computer were uploaded to the server and vice versa;
  • once all these activities have been completed, the connection between the machine and the server is closed.

7 Best FTP Client Programs

Now that you know well what an FTP client is, its functionalities and importance in the development and management of a page, check out some examples of the best FTP programs below.

1. SmartFTP

Widely used around the world, SmartFTP is one of the most complete clients when it comes to enabling users to transfer, upload and download files from the Internet.

With this program, you can publish and manage sites, share files with other users, make backups of data, avoiding its loss. It also offers the ability to drag and drop content between editing windows.

2. FileZilla

Another super popular FTP client is FileZilla , which is light and simple to use, with friendly menus, perfect for beginner users.

This program allows the user to drag their files into two management “trees”, making the work more dynamic. In addition, it allows you to edit files remotely.

3. WS_FTP Professional

With more than 40 million users, WS_FTP Professional offers the highest levels of encryption, easy customization and great management tools.

On the security side, WS_FTP is able to protect all files, at any transfer point. In addition, the program has other features to protect your data.

One of them is the functionality to copy files based on a schedule. Thus, you can compress the backups to store them in other places and not worry about losing them.

4. WinSCP

Another FTP client worth mentioning is WinSCP . As you might guess from the name, it only works on Windows computers. It is a free file manager that connects remote environments to other locations.

Its interface is very similar to FileZilla, as it features a dual-panel module for transferring files.

5. Transmit

For MAC users, Transmit offers some unique features. The program offers an excellent file management interface, which allows you to link them to different servers at the same time.

With it, you can transfer, manage, gather in one place, all while connecting with Google Drive and others.

6. ForkLift

Another FTP client option for MAC users is ForkLIft . In this program, the user can transfer files with two panels, allowing the comparison of different locations, in addition to moving files freely.

It is worth mentioning the functionality of connecting to numerous servers at the same time, giving more versatility when it comes to sending many files at once.

7. Cyberduck

Cyberduck users like this program because it is simple and easy to use. It is fast in transferring files from local to remote servers and vice versa.

It has a modern interface, especially compared to other FTPs like FileZilla. It also connects with local websites and external storage environments like Dropbox or Google Drive.

One of its main highlights is cryptomator. A function that adds extra encryption during transfers, to provide more security to the process.