Learn how to choose the best protective case for your cell phone

Have you stopped to think that your cell phone case is much more than a simple accessory? They can be beautiful, decorated and full of props, but they are, above all, a protection for your device. They protect your cell phone from various situations that may damage it. Taking care is knowing which cell phone case to buy so that it performs its main function: protection.

Every care is necessary to guarantee the useful life of your cell phone, the more care you take, the longer your cell phone will last. That way, it will take you more time to perform an exchange.

In this text, we are going to give you some tips to choose your cell phone case in a way that it will be an excellent protection for your device. Let’s go?

Types of case

There are a variety of case models for each type of cell phone. Its function, in addition to leaving the device with a cute design, is to protect. That’s what we’re going to talk about, about how they seek to protect your device. So let’s go.

Bumper cell phone case

The bumper cell phone cases are very specific, they only protect the sides of your cell phone, leaving the screen and back of the cell phone without a protection barrier. The idea of ​​this type of case is to contain damage during the fall of the cell phone. This does not mean that you will drop it, but if it does, the impact is less.

They reinforce the sides of the cell phone which, in most cases, are the first part to hit the ground during falls. The bumper cell phone cases do this in a way that the cell phone is much less damaged than if it did not have this type of protection.

Silicone and TPU cases

These types of cases are best sellers. Silicone models tend to be very lightweight and have a great way to feature with different types of designs. These cases protect the entire side and back of the cell phone, having almost complete protection of your device.

In addition, silicone cases allow cell phone users to have discreet models of cases, or even transparent ones. This model is for all tastes and pockets.

However, it is good to be careful, this is a model that turns yellow easily, so it is important to wash and clean it often, so that it lasts longer.

Those were the silicone covers. Those made of TPU, Thermoplastic Polymer, cover the same area, but are not as malleable as those made of silicone. However, the degree of protection is much higher. Therefore, it is best suited for those who tend to drop their cell phone frequently on the floor.

Acrylic cases

The acrylic cover is very discreet and fulfills the function of protecting the sides and back of the cell phone. However, as they are made of acrylic, they may end up being a little more fragile than the others.

They are not recommended for people who are clumsy or who leave their cell phones in the hands of children. Think carefully before purchasing this case model so as not to be surprised.

Flip cell phone cases

Flip phone cases are also popular in the market. Largely because, in addition to protecting the device, they have another function: support.

They support the cell phone so that it is generally used to view video content on the cell phone, and they fulfill this role well. In general, they have a leather or fabric coating, but in some cases they can also be made of silicone.

These cases cover all sides and the back of the cell phone and more: when the device is not in use, they also protect the cell phone screen, as they close like a wallet. Avoiding scratches and stains on screens when they are not in use. However, they are not very suitable if your main concern is protection against falls.

Protective cover with charger

This model, for the time being, is exclusive to Apple for cell phones known as the iPhone. They protect the back and sides of the cell phone as a whole, and, in addition, carry out the function of charging the phone by bringing the charger closer to the battery on the back of the cell phone.

It’s a great cell phone case for people who spend a lot of time away from home and have nowhere to charge their device. With it, you won’t run the risk of running out of battery on the street, as the battery will already be with you in the phone case.

How to choose the best

These are just a few options for cell phone covers. There is another variety of cases that can perform different protection options for your cell phone. But, it’s important to remember that the best case will be the one that best suits your behavior. Does your cell phone fall out frequently? Seek to recognize what your greatest security needs are, only then will you be able to choose the best option.

Get to know the widest variety of cases to understand well what functions they perform on the device.

Generally speaking, the best cell phone case is the one that proves to be more resistant and covers a larger area of ​​your device. The more covered, the more protected it will be. Therefore, if you want greater care and security, look for this type of cell phone cover that you will have few problems in case you are surprised by falls or other situations that could damage cell phones.

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