Safety tips to protect your electronics

Having electronic devices requires a lot of care. Nowadays, quality products are more and more expensive and, therefore, people are looking to protect their cell phones, tablets and notebooks against robbery and theft, falling and, mainly, viruses. For this, safety tips are very important.

Below, you will see that they are all essential to keep your electronics much longer with you and there are several factors that can modify this longevity. Check out!


Digital security flaws concern both companies and ordinary users. When internet browsing is done insecurely, that is, without a VPN or an antivirus, opportunities are created for malicious people to commit cybercrime and even fraud and bank account theft.

For these reasons, it is recommended that you have an internet connection that is protected from these threats, using the help of security software, in addition to real-time monitoring of malware and intrusion.

This tip is valid for cell phones, tablets and notebooks. And attention to one more: never click on strange links or enter sites that direct you to others. Sometimes, even promotion links, in emails and on pages, contain hidden viruses that take advantage of stealing personal data from users. Therefore, always be aware of the places on the internet you visit and install a powerful antivirus to help you.

But what exactly are computer viruses? The virus itself is software code with the ability to replicate itself and was initially developed to be able to cause damage to computers.

It is possible that some viruses do not manage to steal the data, however, the computer can become extremely slow and allow hackers to install worms and trojan horses to then gain access to personal information, logins, passwords and even photos.


Cell phones and tablets are the ones that suffer the most from falls. Because they are smaller and always transported, these electronic devices end up becoming targets for falls, which can range from cracks in the screen to breaking. Therefore, being careful is essential.


Many devices today are considered waterproof, but not everything is what it seems. Despite this title, electronics end up, in some situations, not fulfilling expectations.

Furthermore, in addition to there being a difference between the nomenclatures (waterproof and water resistant), you need to be sure that your device can withstand such a situation.

Each cell phone has a different resistance, that is, some can withstand up to three meters of depth and can only be used in the pool instead of sea water. So paying attention to this before subjecting your device to situations involving water is essential.

Thefts and thefts

The huge increase in inequality in society has allowed for an increase in theft of electronics, especially cell phones, as they are the most exposed to risks because they walk with people in all situations.

07 tips to keep your electronics safe:

  • As we mentioned earlier, do not click on unknown links or suspicious ads – whatever place you are, on WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram or email, always be suspicious of offers that are too good and that do not have prices similar to those of the product. in the market;
  • Install an antivirus to protect your computer, cell phone or tablet, as well as your data – having an electronic device invaded by a virus can be dangerous. He is able to access and have control over your personal information, which puts you and your acquaintances at risk, since whoever does this takes advantage of the situation to apply blows to bank accounts and, even, to friends and relatives;
  • Increase the privacy of your social networks – today, networks are great ways to spread viruses, so in addition to using your VPN (a system that protects you from websites) and installing an antivirus, acquire the two-step verification, as in the WhatsApp, or put different access passwords in apps;
  • Use Cases and Screens – Drop protection is very important, so add a good screen protector and use a protective case. These days, many cell phones are also made of glass on the back. However, it’s not just them we should be concerned about. Tablets, in many cases, are deprived of skins so as not to spoil the touch pen’s contact with the screen, however, the covers become a primordial element. Notebooks, on the other hand, do not suffer so much from these issues, as they are more difficult to fall, but even so, a good protective cover to store it after use is very interesting;
  • Check your cell phone settings and see if it really has permission to be inserted into water – the specifications are on the device box or on some paper, but you can ask the brand for explanations on the subject and, in this way, avoid unexpected accidents;

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