8 tips to create the best banners for your website

Have you seen how many possibilities exist to create attractive banners? Now, see what good practices are for not making mistakes in your work.

1. Develop a responsive design

A responsive layout is one that can adapt to any type of screen used by the user. So, if you already have a website online, it is more economical to invest in the responsiveness of the banner already created for the page, than to develop another one from scratch for other screens.

In practice, adapting a page to be compatible with cell phones, tablets, for example, means positioning the site’s elements in the best possible way.

A great way to do this is through meta tags. They are lines of HTML code that describe the content of a page for search engines, browsers and social networks. That way, your website code will show up on every screen.

2. Make Simple Banners

Banners with a large amount of elements tend to receive fewer clicks because the brain is confused by so much information.

The level of interest in uploaded images is very low, as it becomes more difficult to know what they are about and where to start reading the elements.

Put only what really matters in the Banner! Something that leaves an explicit message for the visitor, so reading the ad will be much more pleasant and with more chances of receiving clicks.

3. Be objective in the text

Just like the images, the text should also be extremely objective. Be direct and state your offer quickly.

You can use just a title, subtitle and a call to action button, creating a hierarchy within your Banner. This makes it easier to read and increases the chances of getting a click.

The text should also have a lot of contrast between the background and the letters, making it easy for visitors to read. Avoid writing over multiple colors to avoid problems.

One of the most important points to create a successful Banner is to use objective text. Never forget that!

4. Use high quality images

If an image speaks a thousand words, you must choose it very carefully so as not to confuse who is seeing the Banner.

Whenever using images, look for the ones with the highest possible quality, as low quality images show little concern for the business and its visitors.

Since most images on the internet are copyrighted, it’s hard to know what you can use or not, so I’ll leave the link to 5 copyright-free image banks for you to use without fear.

  • Pixabay
  • unsplash
  • Pexels
  • Life Of Pix
  • SplitShire

5. Compress the images

Everything you do on the internet needs to be loaded quickly so as not to frustrate the visitor, when things take time to load you lose a possible sale. The same rule applies to your Banner.

The best way to make your ad load quickly is to compress it. But this must be done in such a way that it does not lose quality or that it is as small as possible. Otherwise the third tip will fail and successful Banners cannot have failures.

Compression of your images can be done through online tools. I’ll leave the link of 3 sites that maintain the maximum possible quality of the arts after this process.

6. Keep the elements well aligned

Nothing is more off-putting than something messy. The sense of organization says that when things are aligned, they convey more responsibility, which is great for any type of business.

So try to keep the Banner elements always well aligned, use guidelines if you create the arts in Photoshop, if you use another tool it is possible that you have a grid to help you.

Also take care with the spacing between each element, it is important that they are not too close to not make it difficult to read or interpret the images.

I recommend that you use at least 20px distance between one element and another.

7. Create variations of the same Banner

If there’s one thing I can tell you for sure about creating banners, it’s very rarely that you’re going to get it right on the first try.

Create some variations of the same banner and run it on your website, if you use WordPress there are plugins that can do this automatically.

Let these arts run for a week, so you will have enough information to understand which type of art most attracts your target audience.

Also try to vary the text, as the strongest parts of your Banner are the title and the call to action.

8. Work colors correctly

Another thing that can greatly affect the conversion of your Banners is using colors wildly, without knowing what kind of combination you are doing.

Our subconscious can interpret colors or a set of them and turn it into feelings, so you are used to seeing the color red as a sign of love for example.

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