Being the visual representation of the commands given by the notebook, the screen is among the most important components of the device. Defects in it can greatly impair the user experience and even completely disable the use of the portable computer. One of the most serious incidents that can happen is, without a doubt, component … Read more

Is Using A Laptop Plugged In Harmful?

Notebooks have become popular over the years as they are great partners due to the power and durability of the battery they offer, being used anywhere for work, study or leisure purposes. However, many people still have questions related to charging the notebook, after all, at some point the charger must be connected to the … Read more

Safety tips to protect your electronics

Having electronic devices requires a lot of care. Nowadays, quality products are more and more expensive and, therefore, people are looking to protect their cell phones, tablets and notebooks against robbery and theft, falling and, mainly, viruses. For this, safety tipsĀ are very important. Below, you will see that they are all essential to keep your … Read more