Cell phone battery: learn to take care of health!

The cell phone is an object that has already become essential in our daily lives. It is through him that we do practically everything, from leisure to work.

However, often, when buying this type of device, the question “ cell phone battery ” is left aside when compared to camera quality, processing capacity, among others.

That said, in a scenario where the device is extremely important, you need to be aware of the factors that make your battery healthy so that it never lets you down.

Therefore, continue reading this content and extend the useful life of your device!

Why does my cell phone battery drain so fast?

If we compare the battery quality of a cell phone that has been in use for over a year with that of a new device, the most current one will probably be much better than the used one. This is a characteristic that, although common, is extremely frustrating, since we buy the cell phone with a function and expect it to maintain it throughout its useful life.

This wear on the battery is mainly due to two factors: carelessness that we have on a daily basis with the health of the cell phone and brands that want you not to stop consuming their new devices.

But to help you with that, we can show you ways to save your cell phone battery . Check out some tips below!

06 tips to take care of the health of the cell phone battery:

Avoid letting your phone completely discharge

The cell phone battery is made of lithium and the reason for choosing this material is simple: it prevents the battery from becoming addicted and makes it unnecessary to let the device fully charge before unplugging it or even frees up the use of the device. while charging.

However, this choice has a certain problem: if the entire battery of the cell phone is discharged, the material can wear out and, consequently, the health of the battery will progressively end and last less and less.

Avoid leaving your phone charging after reaching 100%

The reason to avoid leaving the cell phone battery still charging after reaching 100% is the same as not letting the cell phone completely discharge: the wear of the material.

It is even preferable to remove the cell phone from the socket before fully charging it if it is not possible to guarantee that the device will be removed when it is fully charged.

Watch out for overheating

It’s common for the cell phone to get very hot when we’re working on some heavier program or when it freezes. This happens, most of the time, because the device’s processor could not handle the requested demand, however, this also ends up affecting the health of the battery.

Therefore, if there is overheating, leave the cell phone aside until it returns to normal, closing all programs.

Use quality chargers

Often, the need arises to buy another charger for your mobile phone. However, if you choose either one, it may happen that the technical settings do not match the battery of the device.

Therefore, avoid using chargers that are not original.

Do not use the computer to charge the cell phone.

Using the computer to charge the cell phone is a common practice, however, this action is very bad for the battery of the device.

What happens is that the computer does not provide a stable current and these oscillations end up causing the cell phone to adapt its temperature, draining the battery and reducing its useful life.

Pay attention to your cell phone settings

Some settings such as automatic brightness, wi-fi, location and background programs demand a lot from the cell phone’s battery, causing it to wear out over the days.

That is, it is super important to leave your cell phone “clean”, without many automatic actions and without several programs open in order to save battery usage.

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