08 music listening apps for you to download

Listening to music brings many benefits to people’s lives and with technology, more precisely with music listening applications , it has become even easier to have access to different songs.

In this article, we’ll introduce you to the available options, point out the differences between them, and show you what you should consider when choosing the ideal app for you. Check out!

What are the most famous music apps?


Spotify has more than 50 million tracks, which can also be listened to when there is no internet connection, but this song download option is only offered to those who have a paid plan.


It’s a free music listening app that comes with great plans. And to save your data package, you can also download songs using your Wi-Fi connection, but just like Spotify, this offline version of Deezer is accessible only to those who pay.

Apple Music

Another streaming that offers music downloads to listen offline is Apple Music. Subscribers to this app can save tracks, albums, playlists and other content without needing an internet connection. This functionality can be found for iOS and Android, in addition to computers.


Tidal’s offline mode is similar to the previous ones. Playlists, tracks, shows and videos can be saved on your cell phone, as long as you subscribe to the platform.

Amazon PrimeMusic

Subscribers using the paid version of Amazon Music, both the cheapest Prime Music and the most expensive Music Unlimited, can download songs for offline playback. After downloading, the files are stored in the cell phone’s memory, but can only be executed in the application itself.

YouTube Music

Those who have a YouTube Music Premium subscription can transfer music and even videos to the device, being able to consume such content even if they are disconnected. A differential of this app is the smart transfer, which automatically downloads songs based on your playback history.

sound cloud

Sound Cloud is a most useful app for those who like not only listening to music but also sharing it with friends or on social media and recording it.


TuneIn is an audio streaming service offering live news, radio, sports, music and podcasts to over 700 million subscribers.

How to choose the ideal app?

Faced with so many options, the question is: how to know which is the ideal application? To choose the best one for you, observe some characteristics, such as the functions available, the offer of music recommendations and playlists, the sound quality and the plans offered.

Below we describe the details that should call your attention when choosing. Check out:

Usability and types of apps

There are three main types of apps:

  • The first is what the streaming service provides , which makes the subscriber listen to their playlists online, without the need to download and store these tracks.
  • The second is what makes it possible to find the name of a song through the song recognition feature. In this case, you record the sound that is playing and the application can find out which song it is.
  • The third is the one that practically takes the radio to the subscriber’s cell phone.

Favorite artists

To begin with, it is important to note whether the application offers many options for singers, radios, songs and playlists. So, before subscribing to the service, see if your favorites are available.

Another interesting point that should be analyzed is the frequency with which the app renews its content. Songs are released all the time, so if the app takes too long to update, your playlist will look stale.

In addition, many apps are capable of providing personalized playlists or suggestions for songs, radio stations and artists based on what the subscriber already listens to.

Extra features

In general, some functions found in music applications are:

  • Download: Download songs, podcasts, playlists and more for offline listening.
  • Creation of playlists: possibility to create as many music lists as you want and for any occasion.
  • Sharing: Share songs or playlists with someone else or on social media. Often, this sharing happens through a link.
  • Lyrics: presentation of the lyrics of the song while the subscriber listens to the song.
  • Synchronization: applications that synchronize with others allow the subscriber to use functions of both.
  • Diversified content: offers of music, podcasts, interviews, radio programs, live sports, national and international news, among others.

It is worth mentioning that, in some apps, such functions will only be available in the paid version. Even so, it is worth checking, as many have great tools in the free model as well.

Audio quality

This characteristic is measured using bits per second and the unit kbps. The higher the amount of kbps, the higher the sound quality. On the other hand, smartphone data consumption is also higher.

Generally speaking, the sound quality of these applications is usually between 96 kbps and 320 kbps. Typically, the lowest quality is offered for free subscriptions or for cell phones connected to mobile data. Maximum quality is available for paid subscriptions and cell phones connected via Wi-Fi.

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